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QX Color-Touch OCS


The QX Color-Touch OCS series features a fast, powerful logic engine, XGA, QVGA and SVGA resolution touch screens and optional snap-on I/O. OCS (Operator Control Station) is a robust, reliable control product that combines a traditional controller… programmed in ladder logic...operator interface, I/O and networking into an integrated, all-in-one unit using a single software package. The QX has five screen sizes to choose from (5.7" 8.4", 10.4", 12.1", and 15"), and a typical logic scan rate of 0.2mS/K. In addition, the QX has embedded Ethernet and supports many Internet capabilities such as remote data access, programming, hosting HTML-based Web pages, and FTP sites.


Plus, the QX line has a built-in Compact FLASH® slot (QX351 utilizes microSD) that allows users to easily store machine or process data (up to 2GB). Programs can be updated and loaded through the memory card, a real advantage for OEMs or those supporting distant sites.

Most QX Color-Touch OCS have optional I/O and video add-on features too. Base QX units provide control, operator interface, and communication functionality. Video connectivity can be achieved with the VIM400, (QX 751 will use VIM401) the video input option. This modularity allows the I/O or video functions to be omitted or added to more precisely meet the application requirements.


Backpack Options Add Local and Remote I/O
While the QX351 includes built-in Backpack capabilities, there are two Backpack options for the QX451, QX551 and QX651. These include:(HE-BP41 & HE-BP43, with high speed counter). Both are compact and easy-to-install on the back of the QX base unit. With Backpack HE-BP41 installed, up to two SmartStack I/O modules can be snapped on. (HE-BP43 supports four.) In addition, Backpack users can connect hundreds of local or remote I/O using our Fiber Optic (FOX) Expansion I/O and our SmartStix terminal-type I/O modules. If the HE-BP43 Backpack is selected, a 500 KHz High Speed Counter (with PWM) is included. For smaller applications, the QX with Backpack creates a single, compact package that includes control, display, networking, and up to four snap-on SmartStack I/O modules.


Video Input Option Allows Machine Viewing and More Security
The advanced feature of video input functionality (VIM400) for the QX Color-Touch OCS is being used more and more by companies who need to integrate security, view machinery in remote locations, or need to incorporate a machine vision monitor with their control system. The video input option allows four channels of NTSC or PAL video to be connected to the QX (QX451, QX551, QX651.) The QX751 uses VIM401 to provide video viewing and capture capability. Users can view video with the full frame rate at VGA resolution. Video can also be viewed freeze frame, and/or saved as a single frame to Compact FLASH. A separate control register allows the controller to automatically freeze or save video snap-shots based on the machine state.


The QX751 is the brightest and largest touch screen Horner APG has ever offered in an all-in-one controller. The 15" XGA resolution (1024x768) touch screen is perfect for applications such as: Distributed control systems, food processing, robotics, automatic transfer power systems and more. The QX751's large screen area enables you to place more objects per screen and operate them from a comfortable viewing distance.

  • Large, Bright XGA Resolution Touch Screen
  • Displays over 64,000 colours
  • Cast Aluminum Chassis
  • Fast Logic Scan & Screen Updates
  • CompactFLASH® onboard storage
  • USB B port for easy programming
  • Includes 3 Serial RS-232/RS-485 ports
  • Embedded Ethernet and Web-enabled
  • Uses Cscape Software
  • IEC61131 Languages
  • PLC/Drive Protocols
  • Snap-on I/O with Optional Backpacks
  • Optional >500 KHz HSC and PWM
  • Complex Graphical Objects
  • Full Alarming Package
  • Downloadable Fonts
  • Selectable Languages
  • Certifications: UL, CE and ATEX


Ordering Information

Part Number  Description Documents
HEQX351 QX Operator Control Station Base Unit with 5.7 QVGA TFT Screen Datasheet
HEQX451 QX Operator Control Station Base Unit with 8.4 SVGA TFT Screen Datasheet
HEQX551 QX Operator Control Station Base Unit with 10.4 SVGA TFT Screen Datasheet
HEQX651 QX Operator Control Station Base Unit with 12.1 SVGA TFT Screen Datasheet
HEQX751 QX Operator Control Station Base Unit with 15 XGA TFT Screen Datasheet
HE-BP41 (QX 751 requires Rev G)  QX Backpack with support for SmartStack (2), FOX I/O and CsCAN Datasheet
HE-BP43 (QX 751 requires Rev G)  QX Backpack with support for SmartStack (4), FOX I/O, CsCAN and HSC/PWM Datasheet

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