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XLt Touch Screen OCS


The XL Series of OCS controllers has expanded to include the NEW XLt, the worlds smallest controller with a built-in touch screen, I/O and networking, plus removable mass data storage.

  • Built on the XLe chassis and feature set, but with a larger, touch-based display
  • 160x128 graphical display, with a high-resolution resistive touch screen
  • Designed for indoor OR outdoor use. Direct sunlight readable display
  • System button and four function keys
  • 1.2 mS/K scan; 256KB memory; 2GB flash memory storage
  • Four different models are available with built-in I/O and one without I/O
  • Designed for NEMA 4X environment; panel or DIN-rail mountable
  • Works with the XL Series family of field installable add-on modules such as Ethernet, telephone modem and radio modem
  • Inexpensive GPS receiver for accurate time, position and velocity data
  • Uses Cscape™ Software Version 8.52B

Ordering Information

Part Number  Description Documents
HE-XT100  Without I/O Datasheet 
HE-XT102  12 DC In ( 4 HSC), 6 Relay Out, 4 Analog In Datasheet
HE-XT102-10  12 Digital DC Inputs, 2X10k Thermistors, 2 Analog Inputs (Medium Resolution), 6 Digital Relay Outputs Datasheet 
HE-XT102-14  12 Digital DC Inputs, 4X10k Thermistors, 6 Digital Relay Outputs Datasheet
HE-XT103  12 DC In ( 4 HSC), 12 DC Out (2 PWM), 2 Analog In Datasheet
HE-XT103-10  12 Digital DC Inputs / 12 Digital Outputs, 2X10K Thermistor Inputs Datasheet
HE-XT104  24 DC In ( 4 HSC), 16 DC Out (2 PWM), 2 Analog In Datasheet
HE-XT105  12 DC In ( 4 HSC), 12 DC Out (2 PWM), 2 Universal Analog In (T/C, RTD, mV, V) & 2 Analog Out (mA,V) Datasheet

XLt Manual  

 XLt Brochure