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LX Graphical OCS


The LX280 monochrome and LX300 STN color models are the newest, low-cost touchscreens added to the extensive OCS product line. OCS (Operator Control Station) is a robust, reliable control product that combines a traditional controller.programmed in ladder logic.display, I/O interface and networking into an integrated, all-in-one unit using a single software package.

One of our fastest OCS, the LX models have a 0.20mS/K typical scan rate, and a large memory capacity.supporting logic programs up to 128K logic and 32K of battery-backed registers. Best of all, the LX models offer a performance level previously unattained by competitive products in its price class (starting under $800).

Bright Screen Display and Compact Size
Using STN LCD technology, the LX models offer integrated, bright displays. The LX280 screen features eight shades of gray, while the LX300 supports 16 different colors. Both models provide far more visual readability than competing low-cost blue screen and STN color LCDs. Plus, the LX280 and LX300 are compact, measuring 7" W x 5.5" H x 2" D. This gives the added advantage of being a viable, low-cost solution for machines with small panel areas.


High Speed CsCAN Network for I/O
I/O connects to the LX models using an onboard CsCAN port...CsCAN is a reliable, high-speed network for I/O and control. Users have a choice of two different I/O products with the LX. They can opt for SmartStixTM I/O (which is DIN-rail mounted, terminal block style I/O), or SmartStackTM I/O (which "stacks" on bases). Or, use both types of I/O.and choose from over 70 I/O modules. In addition, the LX can address an impressive 2048 digital in, 2048 digital out, 512 analog in and 512 analog out I/O points.

I/O Options: LX controllers can support both SmartStix I/O (DIN-rail mounted) or SmartStack I/O (stacked on bases). Supports 4096 digital and 1024 analog points.











Ordering Information

Part Number Description
HELX280C100 5.7 1/4 VGA STN Mono LX Operator Control Station with CsCAN network
HELX280 5.7 1/4 VGA STN Mono LX Operator Control Station without CsCAN network
HELX300C100 5.7 1/4 VGA STN Color LX Operator Control Station with CsCAN network
HELX300 5.7 1/4 VGA STN Color LX Operator Control Station without CsCAN network
HE800RCS116 CsCAN Network Expansion Base for SmartStack I/O (metal cases only)
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